Fountains of Living Water Prayer Group
- A Short History by Katy Swiderski
Four Blessed Trinity ladies began meeting at each others’ homes to praise
God in song, share and pray together early in 1978.   They (Ethel Mittner, Hazel
Parramore, Catherine Gay, & Fran Lopez) approached the pastor to ask
permission to meet in the Church chapel and to open the meeting to anyone
who would want to attend.
Three of the four ladies took turns leading the weekly prayer meeting of
approximately 10 people which had been in the chapel since September.  They
had been praying for the Lord to send help with leadership of the group and
for a person who could play an instrument to help with music.  They felt that
Richard and Katy were an answer to that prayer as Richard had leadership
experience and Katy could play the guitar.
After much prayer and growth as a community, the group was given their
name soon after sharing a retreat together.  As “Fountains of Living Water”
each member submitted themselves to the Lord, to be used as a channel for
the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit.  Over the nearly three decades since, the
group has witnessed the Lord faithfully grace its members with the gifts and
power of His Holy Spirit, binding them together in His love,  and equipping
them to serve effectively in parish ministries, often becoming vital resources
for the greater community of Ocala.

To learn more about leading prayer meetings, they began attending the
Children of the Light Prayer Group in Gainesville.  Ethel felt she received a
word from the Lord that one of the leaders of the Gainesville group would
eventually move to Ocala and be involved in the new group.  She told this the
leader who, at that time, was not planning to move.  Within a few months, that
leader, Richard Swiderski, was offered a job in Ocala and made the move with
his wife, Katy.