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Catholic Church Charismatic  
CCRNO sponsors weekly, monthly and annual events designed to promote outpouring of the Holy Spirit in
the lives of Catholics throughout the Gulf South.
The Intercessors of the Lamb are dedicated to the contemplative formation of all Christians for the
powerful ministry of intercession.
We are a non-profit organization devoted to helping Catholics come alive in faith by encountering the truth
and love of God revealed by Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Catholic Blogs
Thoughts On God And Life
Richard & Katy Swiderski are Prayer Group Leaders at Blessed Trinity in Ocala. They have been on the
Word Gifts team for the CCRC conference for many years.  
His Blog is a special addition to the Orlando Renewal.

Greg and Lydia Trainor  Greg Trainor
This blog will help you to better know and understand Greg & Lydia as people:  what they are doing, a less
formal view of their travels and teaching, what they are enthused about, and their passion for life and

Life is good because God is good.

Catholic Diocese
  1. The Diocese of Orlando
  2. Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Catholic Mass - When traveling, to find out Mass times in the area where you are staying or will be
    staying: 1-800-MASS-TIMES

Catholic News
  1. L'Osservatore Romano - Vatican News
  2. The Florida Catholic
  3. Zenit - The World Seen From Rome  
  4. Catholic News Agency
  5. Vatican Information Service
  6. National Catholic Register

Catholic Magazines
  1. Pentecost Today - Archives
  2. Shalom Tidings
  3. Catholic Charismatic Renewal or Orlando Newsletter & Archives

Catholic Music
  1. Margo B. Smith
  2. Roger Grenier

Catholic Schools
  1. The Franciscan University at Steubenville, Ohio -
Check out their conference schedule.

Catholic Study
  1. Catholic Educators Resource Center
  2. Catholic Information & Resources
  3. Catholic Culture
  4. Deacon Harold Burke Sivers
  5. God's Word Alive Today - Fr. Bill Halbing
  6. New Advent - The Catholic Encyclopedia
  7. Resources for Catholic Teachers
  8. The Catechism
  9. The United States Bishops
  10. The Vatican  
  11. 2TIM4 - Reaching all generations for Christ

Catholic Book

Catholic Video
  1. Fearless
Veteran film maker Maura Smith, takes us on a compelling journey of discovery into the world of
supernatural divine power. We witness how ordinary people in a church, on the streets, and on college
campuses ENCOUNTER God's LOVE and PRESENCE. We see miracles of God through the hands of
ordinary people. We see lives touched and changed in an instant because God speaks to them, touches
them and heals them. You are about to see a FEARLESS miracle!
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