Orlando Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conferences

Year       Theme        Speakers

2017   "Be holy because I am holy"  1Peter 1:16, Fr. Bill Halbing, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Carolin Gambale-Dirkes, Valli Leone.

2016 Behold, I stand at the Door and Knock Bishop Sam Jacobs, Sr Marilyn Minter, Jesse Romero, Valli Leone

2015 You are the light of the world...let your light shine before men.
                                                                          Fr. Bill Halbing, Sister Lucy Lukasiewicz, Fr. Trevor Nathasingh, Caroline Gambale Dirkes, Valli Leone

2014 I Came to Give you Life, and in Abundance        Fr Richard Ho Lung, Sr Briege McKenna, Jesse Romero, Caroline Gambale Dirkes, Fr John

2013 Only Say the Word                                              Fr Graham Keep, Deacon Harold Burke Sivers, Caroline Gambale Dirkes, Valli Leone

2012 Return to Me                                                       Bishop John Noonan, Fr. Trevor Nathasingh, Ralph Martin, Jim Murphy, Maria Vadia

2011 I Know the Plans I have for You                          Bishop John Noonan, Fr. Bill Halbing, Fr. Celsus Auguiste, Sister Marilyn Minter

2010 The Truth Will Set You Free                               Fr Greg Parks, Fr Trevor Nathasingh, Fr John Gallagher, Sr. Marilyn Minter

2009 I the Lord Am Your Healer                                   Bishop Wenski, Fr. Richard McAlear, Judith MacNutt, Jim Murphy, Fr. John Gallagher

2008 It Is the Spirit that Give Life                                 Bishop Wenski, Fr. Brendon Williams, Deacon Alex Jones, Maria Vadia, Chrisje Meik

2007 Bear Witness to the Good News of God's Grace
                                                                   Bishop Wenski, Fr. Art Cooney, Ralph Martin, Patti Mansfield, Kristin Taylor

2006 Called to be Holy                                                Bishop Wenski, Fr. Trevor Nathasingh, Sister Ann Shields, David Thorp, Miriam Moreno, Jolle Del

2005 Do This in Memory of Me                                    Bishop Wenski, Fr. John Hampsch, Fr. Anthony M. Ozeke, Fr. Tom Connery, Francine Schmatz

2004 The Light Shines in the Darkness                       Bishop Dorsey, Bishop Wenski, Fr. Trevor Nathasingh, Sr. Linda Koontz, Deacon Henry Libersat,
Bob Valiente, Helen Christman

2003 I Am                                                                     Bishop Dorsey, Jim Murphy, Aggie Neck, Jesse Romero, Rick Silanskas, Fr Mark Wegg, Fr Ed
Pawlak, Claude Cassagno

2002 Go ... Proclaim the Good News                           Bishop Dorsey, Fr. Tom Forrest, Sr. Nancy Kellar, Fr. Bill Halbing, Judge Jan Halker, Kaye

2001 My Grace is Sufficient For You                           Bishop Dorsey, Fr. John Gordon, Sr. Linda Koontz, Dr. Steven Colon, Jan Lastarza, Joelle Del

2000 Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord           Bishop Dorsey, Fr. Bill Halbing, Fr John Gordon, Babsie Bleasdell, Dr. Steven Colon, Trish
Williams, Jean Robert Themistocle

1999 How Great is the Love …                                    Bishop Dorsey, Fr. Bill Halbing, Fr. John Fink, Jim Murphy, Barbara Shlemon Ryan, Bob Garrett,
Trish Williams, Kristin Taylor

1998 Call to Holiness Conference                               Bishop Dorsey, Fr. Michael Scanlon, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. Joseph Fessio, Fr. John Harvey, Fr.
Michael McDonagh, Tim Staples, Mary Jo Anderson

1997 The Holy Spirit: The Lord and Giver of Life        Bishop Dorsey, Sr Briege McKenna, Jim Murphy, Fr John Fink, Deacon Henry Libersat, Deacon
Bruce Simpson

1996 In the Name of Jesus                                          Bishop Dorsey, Fr. Bill Halbing, Francis MacNutt, Sr Linda Koontz, Deacon Henry Libersat, Judge
Jan Walker, Fr Kent Walker

1994 Come, Let us Return to the Lord                        Bishop Dorsey, Bishop Sam Jacobs, Fr John Fink, Babsie Bleasdell, Deacon Henry Libersat, Bert
Ghezzi, Deacon Bruce Simpson, Don Tauscher

1992 He Will Baptize You With the Holy Spirit & Fire   Bishop Dorsey, Fr John Randall, Kevin & Dorothy Ranaghan, Bert Ghezzi, Deacon Rafael de los
Reyes, Fr Ed Pawlak, Miriam Moreno, Kristin Taylor

1986 Lord, Give Us a New Heart                                 Sr Nancy Kellar, David Thorp, Bert Ghezzi

1982 Called to be Ambassadors for Christ                  Bishop Grady, Fr Francis Martin, Sr Ann Shields, Joe Difato, Barbara Shlemon, Henry Libersat,
Richard Mischler, Joe "Pepi" Alonso

1980 As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord
                                                                   Bishop Grady, Fr John Bertolucci, Fr Dario Betancourt, Fr David Russell, Barbara Shlemon, Ron Lee

1975 Kindle in Us the Fire of Your Love                      Fr Joe Lange, Anthony Cushing, Kathryn Del Viscio

1973 The Glory of God Is Man Fully Alive                   Bishop Borders, Abbot David Geraets, Sr Paula Van Horn

1971 Community Building Through Listening to the Word
                                                                   Fr John Randall, Br Matthew Tierney, Sr Frances Conway

1970 In the Days to Come, I Will Pour our My Spirit … Fr John Quinn, Fr Dan Doyle, Fr David Suellau, Kevin & Dorothy Ranaghan, Jim Byrne
Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Orlando